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Fire Alarm Services

Froula Alarm Systems, Inc. provides fire protection also.  We install state of the art Silent Knight equipment for our dedicated fire systems.  Our residential alarms also have the capability of providing fire alarm protection alongside the security protection.

The standard SK-5208 panel offers the following features:
  • 10 zones, 8 Class B (Style B) and 2 Class A (Style D) or Class B (Style B) zones, expandable to 30 zones
  • Event History Buffer (150 events) with date/time stamp
  • All zones are compatible with 2- or 4-wire detectors
  • 8 selectable/programmable output patterns for notification appliance circuits
  • Built-in Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)
  • 4 Notification Appliance Circuits
  • 4 programmable general purpose relays
  • Programmable smoke verification, pre-alarm delay, cross zoning and enhanced verification mode features that can help minimize false alarms
  • Programmable from the built-in control panel touchpad, remote annunciator, or Windows® SKSS downloading software
  • Direct connect port for on-site up/downloading with Windows® SKSS downloading software
  • Built-in walk test feature
  • Single or dual interlock water releasing capability
  • Plex door option combines a dead front cabinet door with a clear window, limiting access to the panel while providing single button operation of the reset and silence functions
  • Programmable AC trouble relay
  • Built-in synchronization for appliances from AMSECO®, Gentex®, Faraday, System Sensor®, and Wheelock®
  • Programmable date settings for Daylight Saving Time
  • Clock source setting options for 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or internal (uses the panel’s internal clock)

The addressable SK-5820 offers these additional features:
  • Up to 508 addressable points
  • Central station reporting by point or by zone
  • Built-in annunciator with 80-character LCD display

We offer smoke and heat detectors, pull station alarms, horn-strobe notification devices, complete sprinkler waterflow monitoring as well as annual inspection services of all of these devices.

You can count on Froula for all of your fire alarm needs.  Give us a call today at 206-575-1962.

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