Froula Alarm Systems, Inc.

Looking for an alarm company? These are the questions you should ask...

Installation related questions?

Is the company properly licensed with Dept of Labor and Industries?  Click here to find out.

Is the company a current member of the Washington Burglar and Fire Alarm Association?

Is the company properly licensed in your City?

Who will install the system, licensed journeymen employed by the company or subcontractors?

Does the company require the alarm to be monitored?

What type of alarm will be installed, hardwired of wireless?

Will the control panel be secreted away or will it be integrated into the keypad located near a point of entry?

Is the equipment being installed proprietary?  In other words, can another company take it over if there was a problem?

What type of support is offered after the installation?

What is the warranty?

Monitoring related questions:

Where is the monitoring station located?

Is the monitoring station UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) certified?

Is the company familiar with the false alarm ordinance in your city or county?

What is the term of the monitoring contract?

Does the company offer private patrol response as an option instead of police response, particularly in areas where police do not respond to unverified alarms (ie Burien)?