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  Access Control Services

We install Keyscan Access Control Systems.  Built on a foundation of versatility, our access control systems satisfy a wide range of needs suitable for all budgets. Whether it's to control one door in a single building or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings over a wide geographic area, a Keyscan system delivers reliability, functionality, and expandability for superior facility management.

  • Supports any combination of up to 8 readers or keypads
  • Stores up to 32,000 cards per site with no limit on the number of sites
  • Retains last 6000 transactions in activity buffer
  • Monitors forced entry and door held open conditions for all reader-controlled doors
  • Controls unlimited remote sites with optional dial-up modem or TCP/IP converter
  • Downloads data via modem to any system connected PC at pre-programmed times
  • Heavy-duty 10 amp relays ensure long life and reliability
  • Dual processors for uninterrupted system performance - panels operate during uploading and downloading of data
  • Reads most competitors’ proprietary card formats
  • Reads multiple card formats simultaneously - beneficial on system takeovers

Keyscan’s System VII Software
  • Supports multi-monitor workstations
  • Supports the very latest in operating systems including Microsoft Vista Business
  • Supports multiple communication modes - serial, LAN/WAN, and modem
  • Has user-selectable languages - English, French, & Spanish
  • Emails alarms or critical messages automatically to PCs, cell phones, or pagers
  • Has alarm summary, instructions, & interactive maps for timely response
  • Offers user-formatted transaction reports for management analysis & overview
  • Has time-saving import & export feature for cardholder records
  • Offers advanced Closed Circuit TV integration
  • Schedules automatic database backups with email notification for protection of site records
  • Has a Disaster Recovery utility for added safety of system data
  • Includes context-sensitive on-line help with detailed instructions
  • Has “First Person In” feature to stop unauthorized persons from gaining access to doors set on timed auto-unlock
  • Has a “Not Used Since” feature to conveniently identify non-active cardholders
  • Has a “Handicap Accessibility” feature with separate door monitor settings for persons with disabilities
  • Includes a temporary card feature with date range and usage countdown beneficial for visitors and memberships
  • Allows for expansion as new panels added without having to purchase new software

Additional Feature Modules Available
  • Closed Circuit TV Integration with our Dedicated Micros equipment
  • Photo Badge and Verification System
  • Visitor Management System
  • Security Command Module displays cardholders photo, you can control and view floor plans, formats security tours and summarizes the results of all security tours, create “Active Maps” enunciated in real-time; door status, alarm points, input status and more, manually lock / unlock doors or arm / disarm alarm points,  click on camera icons to open live video feeds.

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